The Bubble

Posted by Jamasen Rodriguez on 3/7/18

In our mission to help our clients achieve remarkable customer experiences, we’ve focused some of our attention into tackling the repetitive questions your customer support teams receive. The Bubble is a quick and easy way to divert those repetitive FAQ questions that bog down your customer support agents.

In three simple steps, you can start offering a better customer service experience for your customers, reduce the volume of tickets your agents receive and even capture some sales leads. The Bubble is a ‘lite’ version of our AI technology that can clone your best agents to automate your customer care conversations.

Specifically, you give us a link to your FAQ’s and we generate some javascript code that you can insert into the HTML of your webpage. Once you have this code in your web page, the Bubble will appear in the right hand corner and is ready to start deflecting those recurring questions. Simple right? We think so, and here’s why we’ve built this...

The value that the Bubble adds to a team that might receive a large volume of visitors with similar questions is immeasurable. There are many use cases for our Bubble, with larger organizations like UCSF Hospital implementing it, to smaller teams trying to ensure their resources go far to achieve the best in class customer service. We look to provide the first line of defense response for your customer support team needs.

If your support team uses multiple internal systems to answer many of their incoming queries, then for enterprise is a better option for you, come talk to us!


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