Don't Let Process Hinder Great Customer Service

Posted by Jamasen Rodriguez on 6/14/17


The way you treat your customers is a key factor in your organization's success, yet so many businesses focus too heavily on implementing processes and policies where the customer experience gets overlooked.

It’s essential to provide a superior customer experience. Here are a few mistakes that can ruin your business in the eyes of your customers.

Overly Complicated Procedures

Customers shouldn't struggle when attempting to engage with your company. Relying too heavily on phone routing systems, complicated registration forms, or a fundamental lack of support channels will only frustrate your customers. Every point of engagement should be seamless with a minimal number of steps or data inputs. Be sure to utilize pleasing and intuitive web applications that make it easy for customers to engage with your brand.

Poor Customer Service

Your support centers should be focused on delivering remarkable customer service and be optimized for customer satisfaction. Use in-depth guidelines that allow agents to interact at a personal level while hitting on all the key points to answer the customer's questions. By implementing an ai tool that is trained on these strong guidelines, you can streamline your service. Agents (and their ai) need to know how to handle stressful conversations, be empathetic, and provide quick resolutions.

Impersonal Approaches

No matter how air-tight and comprehensive you think your policies are, you may be overlooking the importance of emphasizing a personal approach to sales, customer service, and anyone who interacts with a customer. While, for the most part, your customers may face similar issues as each other, every customer is different and should be engaged with a personal touch. They need to feel that they are important to your company, because they are.

Waiting and more waiting

Stories about poor customer service are everywhere. The most obvious example: long wait times. When your organization puts a customer on hold for too long or fails to resolve an issue in a quick and decisive manner, customers lose patience, they tell their friends about the negative experience and they leave for your competitor.

Lack of respect

When it comes down to it, poor customer service stems from lack of respect for customers. Most commonly, agents are simply rude to customers even though customers make it clear that being treated with respect and kindness is more important than having their problem solved.

Social Media Nightmares

Customers expect companies to not only have robust social media presences, they demand that those channels provide help. Customers will often take companies to task on Twitter after a bad experience. Too many companies fail to understand how damaging it can be to have social media agents respond too late, or inelegantly in a public forum.

Putting it all Together

By putting yourself in the customers’ shoes, you can avoid basic mistakes and ensure that every experience that they have with your company is pleasant and rewarding. This will keep your customers coming back for more.

Topics: Brand Integrity, Customer Experience