Providing a Great Customer Experience

Posted by Jamasen Rodriguez on 6/9/17

Ai for Customer Service


The customer is always right. We’ve all heard it. Any company looking to stand the test of time knows they need to provide great service and look at everything through the customer’s perspective. Because a customer that is treated with poor customer service will tell their friends in the loud and public atmosphere of today’s media.

There will always be multiple ways of helping the customer; giving them access to key information and articles. Sales, marketing, product, and even engineering will have their opinions on the best way to deliver the information.

But what does the customer want? What’s best for them? What will tickle your customers with joy? 

It’s one thing to say you’re customer centric, post marketing materials about your customer focused culture, but actually doing so means you need to put the customer first. Front and center. Even when doing so makes things harder. If providing a great customer experience was easy, every company would be doing it. Providing a great customer experience is hard at scale. Small companies can afford to treat their few customers with a white glove experience, but to do so at scale is nearly impossible. That is, until now. Now, artificial intelligence is knocking at the front door of every organization giving the enterprise the ability to deliver a great customer experience. Ai allows you to increase customer happiness at a lower cost. 

Support executives, listen up: If you provide a negative experience to a customer, not only will they likely tell their friends and colleagues, they will abandon you for a competitor. Over $60 Billion was lost due to bad customer service. Don’t let your company be a statistic.

The great thing about this is that the opposite is true as well. Provide customers with a great customer experience and they will tell others about their interaction, for years to come.

Topics: Brand Integrity, Customer Experience