How AI Will Change Customer Service

Posted by Jamasen Rodriguez on 6/16/17


Organizations are constantly on the look out for ways to increase customer engagement and foster better customer relationships. The newest and hottest way to cultivate these relationships is with artificial intelligence. Our friends over at published a great article on A.I if you're interested in a deeper technical explanation. To start, companies have been paying close attention to a specific type of AI, chatbots.

What’s a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a simple technology that can have a conversation with a predefined scope. It’s a service running through rules while it interacts with users via natural, conversational language. Chatbots can be used to answer very specific questions but fail when they're asked a question phrased in a different way than what they were expecting.

But What About Artificial Intelligence?

The goal of Artificial Intelligence, like, is to enable computers to do things normally done by people. This is where customer service departments benefit most. Artificial intelligence allows companies to create technology that will hold a conversation with a customer and collect data in order to deliver a superior customer experience. As an example, consider Facebook Messenger, when you send a message to a company through the Messenger service, you’ll get an automated message based on your original question or comment (chatbot). Artificial intelligence takes this further by allowing the chatbot to carry on the conversation further by asking more detailed questions based on what you’ve already entered. As a result, AI allows customers to get the answers or items they want without needing to call or email the company directly. This remarkable customer experience is what is all about.

Customer Retention

AI is a great way to retain customers. Customers that switch service providers would have stayed if they had a better real-time customer experience. Using AI allows organizations to have quick, real-time conversations with customers in order to solve their problems promptly. This is a massive opportunity for your brand to make a lasting impression on this customer to show how much you care about their problems, no matter how small.

Product Pricing and Marketing

Outside of customer service, once AI collects enough data, the company could use these data points to decide which products and services are most popular. If a product isn’t popular, they can lower the price or remove that product from their offering all together.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to the future of AI, like many technological advances in our history, consumers fear that AI will take our jobs. However, good applications of AI will augment the labor force and allow humans to perform more effective and challenging tasks.