Does Live Chat Rule Over Other Customer Service Channels?

Posted by Jamasen Rodriguez on 6/21/17


The customer experience department should have one main goal; to make it simple for customers to get their problem resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. From all the different customer service mediums available to customers including email, phone, sms or chat, live chat is by far the easiest, fastest, and least obtrusive. Live chat requires zero behavior change for the customers since we all enjoy the easy of live chat in our personal lives. It's familiar, private, quick and, most importantly, convenient. Live chat is a customer service option that fits into the consumer’s lifestyle.

The Numbers

73% of customers have a higher satisfaction when engaging via live chat.

61% on email.

44% on phone.

Only a small number of customer are not comfortable with using live chat for customer support, whereas 73 percent are really satisfied with their experience.

SMS and phone calls are currently the lowest rated by the consumers.

42% have a good experience with SMS

44% on phone.

The frustrations for users arise from long waiting times, automated answering systems and the sort.

More than Support

Did you know? 31% of online shoppers from the UK and US say that they would be more likely to purchase something after using live chat.

Time is the key factor here.

Out of those who prefer live chat as a method of customer service, 79 percent said that it’s because they get quick answers to their question and 46 percent because it was the most efficient method of communication.

Conversations Lead to Conversions

Live chat extends past customer experience; it also acquires customers. 77% of online shoppers want to speak to a representative before making a purchase decision. This data can help dramatically reduce cart abandonment by enabling custom triggers which activate when a customer spends enough time on a specific page.

Live Chat + AI Increases Agent Efficiency

When customer service agents are empowered with AI they are able to handle multiple conversations at once, they will be able to resolve several issues at once, rather than handling one phone call at a time. A single agent when well equipped with an AI augmentation tool like is able to help 10x as many customers. This is due to the amount of cognitive load an ai tool can carry by suggesting the right responses or even handling an entire conversation on behalf of the agent when the issue does not require excess help.

Customer Insights at the Tip of your Fingertips

Customer info can be gathered easily with the data provided from live chat software, because live chat delivers very valuable data about the consumer’s location, behavior and the devices they are using, which is all rather helpful. It offers an additional channel for gathering customer feedback and a valuable opportunity to ask visitors questions so that the best sales approach can be identified. It is an inexpensive and easy way for visitors to evaluate their experience and give suggestions that can improve the customer service

Within a short timeframe and with little effort, businesses can provide high-quality customer service by integrating live chat software on their websites and enjoy in all the benefits that come with increased customer satisfaction. Customers prefer live chat when talking to a business and this is one great opportunity that should not be missed out on.

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