Avoid These 3 Common Live Chat Mistakes

    By Jamasen Rodriguez on September, 12 2017

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    Jamasen Rodriguez

    Live Chat can be the most challenging support channel to execute well. Customers are expecting the same real-time response as phone support, however typing and juggling multiple conversations at once is slow. You aim to achieve the same attentiveness as email. However, the right way to talk to customers with instant recall can prove difficult.

    Through our research and first-hand use with live chat, three common mistakes have developed.

    Lesson 1: Acting like a robot

    Can you remember some of the rigid chat experiences you've had recently?

    With the development of chatbots in facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and text-messaging, organizations forgot that there is someone on the other end of the line needing help and focused more on deflecting customer inquiries.

    Even actual robots are being programmed to mimic humans, so remember that the way you speak is the goal. It’s up to you to deliver a supremely personal human experience! If you don’t know where to start, model your chat style after your email support style guide.

    Lesson 2: Taking on more than you can handle

    Its "Live" chat so be sure to set a limit on the number of chats that you can handle at once. Customers expect a rapid response with chat, so ensure you are simultaneously responding to a manageable number of conversations.

    A customer's problem is the same no matter what channel they choose to reach out for help. Be aware that Live Chat does not lend itself for long form paragraph responses to understand the customer's problem in depth. Shorter form means you will have more back and forth to arrive at the same solution. Consider that before adding another customer to your active queue.

    Lesson 3: Leaving a chat before it's over

    Unlike email, chat is all about real-time support, which means you need to be prepared to stay with the customer until their problem is either solved or taken to the next step. Don't forget to wrap up the conversation with a kind "Is there anything else I can help you with?" to ensure the customer has been given the right amount of care.

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