Executive Guide to Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Josh Adragna on 9/19/17

Several recent studies and surveys’ across several sources has shown that implementing an artificial intelligence strategy can be a challenging maze to navigate. With a lack of extensive business cases and A.I. implementation examples it can create a needle in the haystack scenario for business leaders not only looking for relevant A.I. solutions, but also successfully creating A.I. initiatives.

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Customer Service AI vs Chatbot

Posted by Jamasen Rodriguez on 6/23/17

We grade the intelligence of a software based on how well it can mimic a human being. There is even a test developers refer to in order to assess if the computer can trick a human into believing that it's human. The Turing Test. If you can’t distinguish between a human being’s reply and a computer’s, the computer is considered intelligent.

In today’s world, a chatbot that sounds like a human being belongs to one of two categories:

Rule-Based Chatbots

Consider the last time you sat through a long automated phone menu where you press 1 for Spanish, 2 for account info, 3 for ... etc. A rule-based chatbot is the same technology in chat/conversation format. When you start engaging with a chatbot, it offers you a few options, you select 1, 2, or 3 and the chatbot responds based on your choice. This chatbot has a pre-programed answer that guides the conversation to flow in a structured manner.

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Does Live Chat Rule Over Other Customer Service Channels?

Posted by Jamasen Rodriguez on 6/21/17

The customer experience department should have one main goal; to make it simple for customers to get their problem resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. From all the different customer service mediums available to customers including email, phone, sms or chat, live chat is by far the easiest, fastest, and least obtrusive. Live chat requires zero behavior change for the customers since we all enjoy the easy of live chat in our personal lives. It's familiar, private, quick and, most importantly, convenient. Live chat is a customer service option that fits into the consumer’s lifestyle.

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Don't Let Process Hinder Great Customer Service

Posted by Jamasen Rodriguez on 6/14/17

The way you treat your customers is a key factor in your organization's success, yet so many businesses focus too heavily on implementing processes and policies where the customer experience gets overlooked.

It’s essential to provide a superior customer experience. Here are a few mistakes that can ruin your business in the eyes of your customers.

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Poor Customer Service Will Cost Companies More than $1 Trillion.

Posted by Jamasen Rodriguez on 6/12/17

Don't be a statistic. Poor customer service costs your organization a lot of cash. So much so that based on research done by Accenture, 52% of consumers have switched service providers in the past year due to poor customer service.  This shows that if your organization doesn't provide a great customer experience, customers will leave for your competitors. This "service hopping" will end up costing companies $1.6 trillion!

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